Monday, September 10, 2007

Hungry Tiger and Tirebiter host a salute to Gary Gidman

Wednesday, September 19th will be a party for our friend and Tirebiter member/lead vocalist/guitaritst/main composer/arranger/resident musical genius and guru of over 25 years, Gary Gidman.
Gary will start the performing off at 8:30 followed by his sitting in with the band through the evening.
The release of "DUMB LUCK", Gary's new CD will also be incorporated into the doings. This CD has 18 of Gary's compositions and will be available to purchase that night. We expect a musical friend or two plus many of Mr. G's old fans and pals. Hope to see many old friends and fans. Cheers, Gary!
18 Original songs penned through the years by Gary Gidman. This compilation features Gary playing/performing almost all the singing and instruments. This CD is a must have for any one who has enjoyed his performances and music through the years.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Biters Meet Miss Connecticut and Ronald @ opening

Let's see... it's the VIP party for Mikee Dz new resaurant on Elm Street, Enfield.
Biters with Ronald McDonald, Miss Connecticut and Mr & Mrs Gomez, owners.
We'll also have a public opening in Sept(see calendar) for New McDz on Rt 83, Ellington, CT.

Welcome to our NEW Bite Me Blog

This is the first entry into the BMB (Bite Me Blog). The blog area will be faster to throw up quick event info, photos, or general misc. and informal stuff about Tirebiter Band happenings. It will also provide an easy informal feedback forum.

We will welcome one and all with constructive hints and ideas related to the three major aspects of Tiredom.
1. weddings and corporate or private events
2. POP 101, our children's show
3. Clubs and concerts

There are other areas on our website that cover most every aspect that this blog will offer. The major offering will (hopefully) be speed of upload from our end and an open feedback forum for all friends of the band. Cheers and smooth sailing.